Interview with Andreas Berger

Andreas Berger was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer of Swiss ReCorporate Solutions in fall of 2018 and he started in the new role in March2019.His journey to taking on the leadership of the commercial insurance arm of theSwiss Re Group started in Rwanda with stops in Portugal, Paris, Germany andLondon before ending up in Zürich. Ana Cristina Borges, Executive Director,MDS Portugal, went to meet him for FULLCOVER in the organisation’s visuallystriking headquarters on the shores of the Lake Zürich.They discussed his earlier life in Portugal, what drives him as a leader, and theimportance of global resilience especially in times of COVID-19. He addressedthe protection gap and his views on innovation and how the insurance modelneeds to change to meet customers’ needs.

Interview with Andreas Berger

So, what attracted you to join Swiss Re Corporate Solutions?
When you work in the insurance industry, Swiss Re is a point of reference that will likely influence your work somehow or even career from day one. Most people in the industry know the sigma studies from the Swiss Re Institute. And if you’re lucky enough, you’re invited to the Centre for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon, which is a unique and inspirational place. Swiss Re’s standing is driven by its very strong purpose – to make the world more resilient – and it is this purpose that attracts open‑minded and globally interested individuals. 
We are surrounded by risk – it’s attached to everything we do and engage with. While risk is nothing negative per se, we must be conscious of it and find ways to address and mitigate it. On a global scale we see the impact of natural catastrophes on individuals, institutions and society at large. All too often, there is a gap between the economic losses and insured losses in many parts of the world – the protection gap – which can create significant costs for businesses
and societies. The Swiss Re Group wants to close this protection gap and to make the world and its inhabitants more resilient. It is this drive, this purpose, that made me want to join the business. When you get closer to Swiss Re, you see the people behind this over 150‑year old institution. Swiss Re is a very collaborative, open environment with creative, energized, globally‑focused people. Their ideas and solutions – combined with our collective risk insight, strong balance sheet and direct access to global risk pools – enable us to bring our purpose alive.

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