MDS Group continued to grow

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MDS Group continued to grow
In 2016, the MDS Group continued to grow and consolidate in the various countries where it is present; strengthening the position in the business areas of operation.
In Portugal, MDS finished the year with yet another record, achieving a turnover of over 25 million Euros and retaining leadership of the sector – a position occupied for the last 10 consecutive years. In Brazil, MDS maintained the trend for sustained growth, achieving a turnover of almost 100 million Reals.
Another important milestone in 2016 was an increase of investment in the African market, with the launch of the operation in Mozambique. 
In Angola, MDS achieved a significant growth rate of 190% and the operation in the country today is strong and fast‑growing.
In Spain, a market where the Group has a direct presence through the Madrid‑based joint‑venture Filhet-AllardMDS, the growth rate was 22%, making MDS a force to be reckoned with in the Iberian market.
Another 2016 milestone was Brokerslink’s increase in and opening of its capital to members, making it a truly Global Broking Company. Based in Zurich, it owns and manages a network of brokers across approximately 100 countries.
Today, the MDS Group has a direct presence in eight countries and operates on a worldwide scale through Brokerslink. MDS has a multi‑specialised team of over 600 employees and manages over 500 million euros in insurance premiums and a portfolio of 1.2 million private and corporate clients. These figures reflects MDS Group global reach and it's strong position as an insurance industry leader. 
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