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Pop Rooster
MDS has joined forces with plastic artist Joana Vasconcelos to take her most recent work, Pop Galo, on a world tour. It is within MDS’s corporate responsibility policy to pay particular attention to culture and this insurance cover will safeguard her work. Due to its complexity, size and public exposure, the partnership represents a considerable challenge to the insurance sector.

Pop Rooster was inaugurated at the Web Summit event in Lisbon, in November 2016, signalling the start of a tour that took it as far as China for the Year of the Rooster celebrations. It will then head to Brazil.

The Pop Rooster sculpture was inspired by the popular Barcelos Cockerel and combines traditional Portuguese tile art with the very latest in LED technology. Standing 10 metres high, the work is covered with some 17,000 hand‑painted tiles and around 15,000 LED lights, interconnected in a unique way. As a result, this technological creation can be interpreted in different ways as the Barcelos Cockerel transforms itself when day gives way to night. 

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