New office in Blumenau

New office in Blumenau
On 29 January, MDS Brazil opened a new office in Blumenau, Santa Catarina. Located on the 25th floor of the Ibiza Trade & Financial Centre, it’s within one of the most innovative and prestigious
urban developments in the Velha borough of the southern Brazilian town.
This new home – designed to offer the best customer experience and bring employees, customers and partners ever closer together – gives the company a modern, bold look. Situated on the top floor of the
building, the expansive office is the company's newest addition, following the Recife office opening in January 2018 which maximises the northwestern city's potential for health management and P&C.
MDS Brazil now boasts three offices in the state of Santa Catarina – Blumenau, Jaraguá do Sul and Joinville. Not only does this reaffirm its position as the largest insurance broker in southern Brazil but it also confirms the company's strategy to support local markets and continues its expansion across Brazil.
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