Riding the waves of culture


Riding the waves of culture
In a global marketplace, culture counts. We work with people from other cultures, countries and backgrounds and it is fundamental to understand the differences, so that we can work more effectively and prevent confusion. Nowadays the ability to lead effectively in a global business environment is a fundamental skill in any organisation. In their book, Riding the Waves of Culture, the authors provide insight to help us survive in today’s global work environment. 

Trompennars and Hampden‑Turner highlight the challenges of leadership in resolving dilemmas relating to different cultural pressures.

Everyone, everywhere faces very similar dilemmas in their personal and professional lives. What changes is their cultural background and how that will impact on the way people react; their culture influences, their thinking and behavior. It’s culture that forces our direction in one way or the other.

When we have culturally diverse teams how do we proceed? It is fundamental that leaders know how to reconcile differences and are able to create effective change and efficiently manage this in a cross‑cultural business world. Failure to recognise and adapt to cultural diversity leads to a breakdown in communication and trust.

Trompenaars and Hampden‑Turner have created a powerful model for understanding cultural differences. With many practical examples and case studies, their book is a helpful tool to leaders and managers from around the world. It conveys the skills, sensitivity, and cultural awareness needed to manage in a globalised, cross cultural world and learning how to take strategic advantage of cultural differences to transform them into competitive advantage for their organisation. 

Fons Trompennars is an influential consultant, trainer, motivational speaker and author on culture and business. He has spent over 25 years helping leaders worldwide to manage and solve business and cultural dilemmas to increase global effectiveness and performance. 

Charles Hampden‑Turner is a key business thinker, he has worked as a consultant for Shell, BP, Digital Equipment, the BBC, Nissan and many other companies.
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