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Insurance experts discuss key challenges at Brokerslink’s annual conference

Insurance experts discuss key challenges at Brokerslink’s annual conference
Brokerslink’s annual conference, held in Marrakech on 28 and 29 September, was attended by 250 participants from over 60 countries, including shareholders and members of Brokerslink, risk managers from large multinational groups, representatives from major insurers/ reinsurers and international underwriters.

The key challenges faced by the insurance sector were discussed at the conference, with input from some of the sector’s most reputable experts: 
– Steve Hearn, CEO of Ed, addressed the changes Brexit will bring and how the London market will have to adapt in order to continue to play a relevant role. 
– Wendy Liu of Zurich, talked about emerging risks, such as extreme weather events/natural disasters, water and food crises, underemployment and unemployment, conflicts between countries, migration, cyber attacks, terrorist attacks, environmental and societal threats and geopolitics.
– Nacer Ben Abdeljalil, motivational coach, emphasised the importance of believing in ourselves to overcome increasingly greater challenges, both personally and corporately.

Also covered were the topics of digital technology as key to company growth and efficiency, the new paradigm of communication in the insurance sector, the construction of international programmes, and the innovation of parametric insurance to tackle climate change and the solutions it brings to problems such as cancellation or delays of trips, among others.
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