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Fast growth for MDS in Spain and potential for acquisitions

Fast growth for MDS in Spain and potential for acquisitions
Filhet-Allard MDS, an affiliate of MDS Group in Spain, is rapidly expanding. In the past year, its operations grew 20%, confirming its position as a provider of market-leading insurance and risk management solutions and in recognition of its teams’ service and skills.

Filhet-Allard MDS is the result of a merger between Portuguese risk and insurance consulting group, MDS, and the French broker, Filhet-Allard. The success of the partnership is evidenced by its strong growth, which may reach double digits by the end of the year.

Enrique Schoch, CEO of Filhet-Allard MDS, says: "In 2016, the priority was to complete the merger of these two major European leaders in insurance and risk consulting. In 2017, the goal is to grow and be outstanding, not only in numbers, but  when following our founding  principles, ie  rewarding the trust our customers put  in us to protect  their people and  property, achieving our goal  to be a major player in the corporate insurance market and  supporting  customers when they need us, something  crucial in insurance.”

José Manuel Dias da Fonseca, CEO of MDS Group and Brokerslink, comments: "We are the market leader in Portugal and have a large presence in France, therefore we could not be in Spain without wanting to be a major player in the market. This   philosophy  of Filhet-Allard and  MDS applies to  wherever we expand in  other countries.” 

In addition to its organic growth, Filhet-Allard MDS is also open to growth via acquisitions with firms that strengthen its position as a leading risk and insurance consulting business.

Partnership may be extended to new markets

The results achieved by MDS and Filhet-Allard in Spain have strengthened their ties and prompted them to consider new partnership opportunities.

Grégory Allard, CEO of Filhet-Allard, emphasizes the ‘importance of the joint-venture between the two companies, who are already partners in Brokerslink’, the global broking company founded by MDS that now manages a network in 100 countries. 

José Manuel Dias da Fonseca reveals: "In Brokerslink we are already two very strong partners; we are one single company in Spain and so are evaluating other possibilities.”
Only recently, Filhet-Allard MDS gave a presentation in Madrid, attended by some 100 guests, including employees and representatives of Madrid insurers, entrepreneurs and official bodies. 

About Filhet-Allard 

Filhet-Allard is one of the major French players in the insurance broking, risk management and Employee Benefits sectors. Based in Bordeaux, Filhet-Allard has around 900 employees and manages over one billion euros in premiums. With an ability to respond to customers’ needs in any area, Filhet-Allard is owned by the Allard family, ensuring independence and integrity. Filhet-Allard has eight offices in France and an international presence.
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