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Insurance Brokers from 28 Countries gather in Lisbon

Insurance Brokers from 28 Countries gather in Lisbon
Lisbon hosts the annual Brokerslink meeting for the European, Middle Eastern and African regions. Brokerslink is a global insurance broker of which MDS, a Portuguese multinational company, is a shareholder. The Portuguese capital welcomes more than 70 insurance and brokerage officials from 28 countries to discuss the future of the sector.

The main topics on the table include the impact of new European regulations on insurance distribution, digital trends in the sector, the impact of Brexit on insurance in terms of the EU freedom of services and the most recent tools and offerings developed by Brokerslink in areas such as employee benefits and cyber risk.
Jacqueline Legrand, CEO of Brokerslink and a member of the MDS Group Board of Directors, highlights that "The insurance industry is undergoing a major transformative process that will impact all sector players and their customers. At Brokerslink we are excited to take on this new world of challenge and opportunity." This annual meeting, taking place in Lisbon this year, will permit the sharing of experience and vision so that the company may go on innovating and staying ahead of market trends.

The EMEA Brokerslink meeting takes place once a year. In previous years other cities have hosted it — London, Windsor, Oporto and Brussels, to name but a few. Among this year's participants are global executives from Brokerslink and leaders from partner and affiliate brokerage firms. Also attending are officials from strategic partners such as the insurers Allianz, Chubb and Zurich.

Brokerslink is, today, a global brokerage firm. Operating in 100 countries, including Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Angola and Mozambique, it is represented by MDS, a multinational company of Portuguese origin, its founding company and currently one of its major shareholders.

About Brokerslink: 
Brokerslink is one of the largest brokerage organizations with insurance premiums and consultancy fees in excess of 20 billion dollars. Operating in 100 countries, Brokerslink offers a wide gamut of insurance and risk management in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.  Find out more at 

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