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MDS and CMAS have formed a worldwide partnership that will benefit over six hundred thousand people who engage in underwater sports and activities

MDS and CMAS have formed a worldwide partnership that will benefit over six hundred thousand people who engage in underwater sports and activities
MDS and CMAS - World Underwater Federation, the world body that oversees underwater sports, have entered into a partnership that will benefit the 600,000+ people who engage in underwater activities anywhere in the world, namely diving and underwater fishing.

Under this agreement, people engaged in underwater activities will have access to personal accident insurance and travel assistance with greater coverage and more advantageous terms. This will provide more security wherever they train, travel or compete. 

Anna Arzhanova, chairwoman of CMAS, states: "The safety of the people who engage in underwater activities is a priority to the Federation. The solution developed by MDS brings added value to everyone, as it allows access to comprehensive insurance at appealing rates. Additionally, it allows us to take advantage of the technological skill that MDS brings to the table. They have bet heavily on digital to make available a platform that facilitates insurance management and underwriting and brings the CMAS closer to its members."

José Manuel Fonseca, CEO of the MDS group, highlights: "This is a memorable day for MDS as we enter into a partnership of global scale. We see it as recognition of our expertise in risk consultancy and insurance broking, but also of our investment in digital tools. Today, MDS leads the sector worldwide, benefits from its global reach and direct access to the top insurance markets in the world, namely Lloyd's."

This product, which covers underwater activities conducted anywhere on Earth, was developed in cooperation with the American insurer Seven Corners and stems from our MDS’s work as a Lloyd's broker. 

In addition to comprehensive coverage, the service ensures multilingual assistance, facilitating accident claims or expediting support.

CMAS - World Underwater Federation was founded in 1959 by the now-legendary diver and explorer Jacques-Yes Cousteau and currently incorporates more than 130 federations from 5 continents. Not only does it organize international underwater events but it also runs highly-regarded diving training and certification programmes alongside a great deal of technical and scientific work.

Insurance with increased capital
The policies made available by MDS and CMAS to people who engage in underwater activities cover underwater fishing, underwater hockey, underwater shooting, underwater rugby, fin-swimming, free-diving, sport diving and underwater orienteering.

Among its vast gamut of coverage options we would highlight increased capital for medical costs, medical evacuation/repatriation, loss of diving equipment and 24-hour travel assistance.

About MDS 
MDS is a multinational group working as an insurance and reinsurance broker and risk consultant. It leads in the Portuguese market, has made the top five in Brazil, and also operates in Angola and Spain. Through Brokerslink, one of the world's largest brokerage and risk consultancy networks, started by MDS in 2004, with head offices in Zurich, MDS is present in over 100 counties with upwards of 400 offices employing 10,000 insurance professionals. It is also a stockholder and preferred partner in ED (formerly Cooper Gay Swett & Crawford), an independent broker in the London reinsurance market. 

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