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MDS Group launches new corporate website

MDS Group launches new corporate website
The MDS Group has launched a new corporate website that reinforces the forward-thinking position taken by this leading, innovative multinational broker and risk consultancy firm. This investment is part of an increased presence in the digital world, exploring growth and business opportunities.

Now at, the new website was built with the best usability specifications in mind. It is dynamic, responsive and user-friendly. Through responsive design methods, it ensures enjoyable, intuitive navigation on any device. Currently, the site features Portuguese and English. In the future, as the MDS Group expands internationally, new languages will be added.

Not only does the website present the scale and international reach of the MDS Group but it also features the Group's global offerings along with its team expertise and varied specialties. The site also includes a dedicated space for specialty articles and promotes FULLCOVER, the magazine that MDS publishes as an important tool in the advancement of knowledge connected with insurance and risk management. 

Ângela Fonseca, head of Marketing at MDS, states: "The new website structure follows from our rebranding project, which we started in late 2016. The aim was to build brand awareness and highlight its distinctive traits in the insurance market." 

Creation of local websites underway
The new website of the MDS Group is the first of a project including a number of local websites, namely in Portugal, Brazil and Angola, seeking to address the needs of each market and bring us closer to existing as well as potential customers.
The new website has been designed and developed by Seara in close collaboration with the MDS Marketing and IT teams.  

About MDS 
MDS is a multinational group working as an insurance and reinsurance broker and risk consultant. It leads in the Portuguese market, has made the top five in Brazil, and also operates in Angola and Spain. Through Brokerslink, one of the world's largest brokerage and risk consultancy networks, started by MDS in 2004, with head offices in Zurich, MDS is present in over 100 counties with upwards of 400 offices employing 10,000 insurance professionals. It is also a stockholder and preferred partner in ED (formerly Cooper Gay Swett & Crawford), an independent broker in the London reinsurance market. 

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