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MDS Group risk consultant, eager to take on new markets, rebrands as RCG

MDS Group risk consultant, eager to take on new markets, rebrands as RCG
As part of this strategy, Herco shall now be known as RCG. The acronym stands for Risk Consulting Group and it rings in a significant change for the company, reflecting its increasingly global scope.

Jorge Luzzi, executive director of the RCG, highlights that "this is an important move with regard to the company's consolidation across five continents. Our nature as a risk consultant is underscored, as are the expertise and efficiency that we have accrued. Our new brand positioning as RCG reaffirms our multinational scope and will attract prospects in new markets." 

The change will bring the company brand to the fore as the best option when the market needs to contract for Risk Management, Insurance, Logistics and Transportation, Security & Cyber, Natural Disasters, Enterprise Risk Management, and Terrorism, via Brokerslink.

For Jorge Luzzi, risk management is a key element in any company's business. Companies need specialist support to ensure continuity and sustainability. At RCG, work with clients follows an effective, frictionless and seamless pattern, relying on risk identification, analysis and, finally, risk processing. "The outcome of this process is security. After all, when you improve a client's physical and material security, the likelihood of incidents is drastically diminished and, even if bad things happen, damage will surely be minimized," Luzzi affirms.

Reliable, Trustworthy, Innovative
The risk consultant, now a multinational risk management specialist, was founded in 1971. Nowadays, it is present in 11 countries, with offices in Portugal and Brazil, and operates in a variety of economic sectors around the world.

One of the traits that help RCG stand out is versatility. It helps tailor responses to the most diverse client needs. Although risk profiles vary from place to place, a keen eye for innovation and ongoing market changes puts RCG in the lead. 

RCG's unwavering dedication to knowledge and innovation, coupled with experience, allow the company to offer a range of coverage options and develop risk management programmes structured to meet each client's needs. "RCG has a solution portfolio that allows close, efficient, reliable and trustworthy responses to any company, anywhere in the world. It is a consultancy created to add value, that comes up with strategies and solutions to protect property, reputations and people," says Jorge Luzzi.

About RCG 
With over 50 years' experience, RCG is known as a model of excellence in risk analysis, loss control and risk management programme implementation. The company relies on a multidisciplinary team with broad experience in risk management across a number of areas and it ensures worldwide services to diverse industry segments.

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