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MDS Invests in Brazilian 838 Soluções

MDS Invests in Brazilian 838 Soluções

MDS, a leading Portuguese multinational insurance broker and risk consultant group, has acquired a stake in the Brazilian company, 838 Soluções, which specializes in developing tools for automated benefit and flexible benefit management. The acquisition forms a part of MDS's growth strategy, which includes the provision of services that complement insurance brokerage and taking innovations to market that will help its customers operate more efficiently.

José Manuel Dias da Fonseca, Global CEO of the MDS group, declares that "MDS is committed to providing its clients with distinctive, quality services, helping companies to protect themselves, cut costs and increase efficiency in their operations. Including 838 Soluções in the group will allow us to step up our offerings in the Brazilian market for flexible benefits and, at the same time, will build up our benefits expertise in countries where we already maintain a presence.”

838 Soluções specializes in developing technological tools that help companies manage their human resources, providing a system that automates company benefits. Using its tools, 100% of benefit management can be conducted digitally, in a swift and holistic manner by the users/employees themselves, which lightens the operational load on human resource managers and allows them greater focus on talent management.

Andrea Huggardcaine, founder of 838 Soluções, believes that "with the power of a large company, like MDS, and its resource-marshalling capabilities, as well as cooperation and collaboration among teams, we hope to accelerate our growth and more than double our scale in the near future.”

The company supplies a flexible benefit platform and a design methodology already employed by a number of clients and it has been gaining traction among companies look to offer more autonomy to their employees. When the platform is implemented, employees can choose what benefits to get as complement to their wages.

"838's Soluções gives our customers more control in benefit management. Those who want it also have the possibility of implementing and managing a flexible benefit policy,” explains Ariel Couto, CEO of MDS Brazil. "Employees stand to gain the most, as they can now choose what benefits best suit the current phases of their lives among all those the programme makes available,” he concludes.


About 838 Soluções

Specializing in the development of technological tools to assist company in the management of Human Resources, 838 Soluções devotes itself to benefits and work performance. With over 15 years’ history, it has helped implement over 30 integrated management systems at companies of all sizes. Partnering with the MDS Group will allow 838 Soluções to aggregate new technologies and agility to its operations. 

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