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MDS launches first-of-its-kind drone insurance in Europe with app-driven, pay-per-use solution

MDS launches first-of-its-kind drone insurance in Europe with app-driven, pay-per-use solution
MDS, a leading insurance broker and risk consulting multinational of Portuguese origin, has just launched the first drone insurance product in Europe where users purchase, through a mobile app, an aircraft protection solution for a given period of flight.

Thanks to the mobile app, FlySafeGo, MDS offers a solution where you can purchase liability insurance for drones online, which covers bodily injury and damage to property caused to third parties. So the mobile app lets you subscribe to an insurance policy for your unmanned aircraft and then fly to your heart's content, knowing you’ve got protections in place.

Mandatory by law for aircraft weighing above 900 grams, this insurance policy covers the civil liability of people who are flying remote-controlled unmanned aircraft. This MDS-designed solution covers compensation arising from bodily injury and property damage to third parties caused by your aircraft when you fly it in Portugal.

By developing a specific app for drone insurance, MDS offers the possibility of buying insurance for a set period of time that takes into account the drone's flight time. Policyholders can also choose different amounts for civil liability coverage, which may be €100,000, €250,000 or €500,000.

Mário Vinhas, MDS Deputy Executive Director, states: "Innovation is one of MDS’s performance vectors. It is the reason why we invest on creating new products and solutions that will bring value to our customers, the insurance market and society at large. Taking another step on the path of innovation, MDS has come up with a pioneering solution that lets you subscribe online to civil liability insurance for drones via mobile app. This one-of-a-kind solution in Europe has already been nominated for sector innovation awards, so we’re considering taking it to new markets. For now it’s available in Portugal, but we’re working on extending the app's coverage to other European countries.”

App helps use drones
With this drone insurance product by MDS, the entire process, from quote to purchase to issue, takes place online through FlySafeGo, a mobile app. This is part of MDS’s forward motion in the digital realm. The process was designed to make purchases easy and swift: you only need 35 seconds to complete a transaction. This is a pay-per-use solution, where customers only pay for the time they're covered. Already available for the Android ecosystem, and soon on Apple devices as well, the app lets you buy insurance instantly, through the MB Way app or your credit card.

This innovative app, FlySafeGo, is also a big help to anyone wanting to fly a drone. It reports on weather and flight conditions where you want to fly your drone; and it identifies restricted areas as well as the permits you may need to fly.

This solution was developed jointly by MDS and FlySafeGo; and insurance is written by Una Seguros.

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