We work with you to design insurance programmes that meet your objectives

A key differentiator for MDS is that we can ensure exclusive access to insurance solutions that meet specific business objectives.

Whether giving employees additional perks, encouraging the retention of customers or associates in a particular organisation or providing further sources of business revenue, our Affinity programmes implement and manage insurance solutions specifically designed to meet your goals and needs.

Offering employees access to insurance solutions with special benefits and extending this to their families gives them a greater sense of satisfaction while enhancing your organisation’s human resource policies.

With this solution, each employee can with total flexibility, choose insurance solutions from among the various portfolio options that have been chosen by us and you, such as motor, health, life, personal accidents etc. 

Adding insurance solutions to the products and services available from your company is an effective mechanism for customer loyalty and ensures an additional revenue source. We scrutinise your business activity and present competitive solutions, adapted to your business and customer profile. Insurance to protect electronic equipment, extended warranties, ticket sales and travel, for example is offered. 

For associations and other groups, our affinity programmes are key differentiators that strengthen the ties between members and the organisation.

At MDS, we don’t offer a standard service; our specialist advisers have an ongoing commitment to your partnership, building tailor-made solutions. Our consultants work together with you to deliver   solutions that bring you the greatest benefit. 


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