Insurance programmes for multinational companies

The globalisation of markets and a growth in international businesses operations means more companies are being exposed to a greater number of risks, including commercial, geopolitical, regulatory, legal and those associated with employing people abroad.

If you’re operating internationally, it’s essential you have mechanisms that will guarantee far-reaching protection for your business in any part of the world.

At MDS we’ll ensure your business is aware of the fundamental issues of meeting specific local regulations, knowing which insurance policies are compulsory in different countries and helping you to understand how the local insurance market works.

Through Brokerslink, one of the largest independent insurance broking companies in the world, we can integrate global insurance programmes so they meet the management needs of multinational companies. With over 18,000 professionals working in around 110 countries, we can support your business with international insurance and risk management programmes, providing services and solutions, no matter where you are.

We manage our international insurance programmes from Portugal. Working closely with international specialists, we guarantee a consistent and diligent approach when sourcing cover solutions, providing better management control, compliance with each country’s regulations and greater cost efficiency.

If international expansion is your plan, you can move forward with the certainty of being protected. Wherever your business takes you, our team is by your side to analyse, design and implement insurance programmes that ensure you are fully covered.

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