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The complexity of a merger & acquisition process can bring multiple risks, particularly when entering new markets or business areas. If the transactional risks are not properly identified and evaluated, the success of the process can be compromised.

For a merger & acquisition to deliver the expected results, it is necessary to undertake due diligence. This identifies and analyses the risks, protecting the investment and maximising the operation’s value and efficiency.

At MDS, we support you from the operational restructuring to its implementation. We analyse and mitigate the risks associated with guarantees and areas requiring insurance transfers, protecting both  purchaser and  seller against loss or liability arising  from facts unknown or undisclosed in the transaction process. 

Our team can support and advise at every stage of the process, evaluating, designing and implementing insurance solutions for mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions. At MDS, we monitor your operations to ensure your assets and investments - anywhere in the world – have the greatest protection.

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