Torun: the hub of Polish brokers

Torun is a place where the past meets the present and business works in harmony with culture.

Torun: the hub of Polish brokers
Poland is centrally located in the heart of Europe at the crossroads of several major transit routes. Its closeness to the Baltic Sea gives it a natural link to the Scandinavian countries and its long border ensures easy access to the biggest EU economy, Germany. Poland can also easily access southern and eastern Europe via its borders with Ukraine, Belarus, Russia to the east and Slovakia/ Czech Republic to the south.

Poland’s total area equals 312 679 km2 making it bigger than the UK (242 900 km2) and similar in size to Italy (301 336 km2). The country’s population is 38.5 million; more than Canada (35 million) and almost double Australia (22.9 million). Poland is ranked as the sixth largest market in the EU and 33rd in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is the 24th largest economy in the world.

After the collapse of communism in 1989 international investors started to appear and now major global companies have established a presence in Poland. 

Poland has been a member state of the European Union since 2004 and is a member of the World Trade Organisation and Organisation for Economic Co‑operation and Development, confirming its strong international position. Poland is a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member evidencing its security and authority.

Since joining the EU, the country has enjoyed constant and sustainable development. Almost all the major cities(16) have their own airports, there are three main sea freight ports (Gdansk, Gdynia and Swinoujscie) and recently a direct freight train connection has opened between Chengdu (China) and Lodz (Poland). This takes 14 days and is a great alternative to sea freight (that takes a minimum of 45 days). The roads are improving constantly and highways and expressways are completed every year.

There are 470 higher education institutions offering nearly 200 subject areas, schools employ over 100,000 teachers and there are currently two million people studying in Poland (one of the highest Gross Enrolment Ratios in the world). Recently its software engineer qualifications have gained recognition and this is why Google for example, has opened a research & development centre in Cracow employing coders.

Poland currently has a stable economy. When the last financial crisis hit the EU countries, Poland was the only EU member not going into recession and was described as ‘the green island on the red map’. The Polish banking sector was equally unaffected by the global crisis. In addition, EU structural funds support Polish growth and from 2013‑2020 it will provide EUR 106 billion. The government is also boosting domestic growth with infrastructural investments; EUR 25 billion a year is to be invested primarily in the energy sector and road, rail and aviation.
Torun – a city of tradition

Torun is one of those rare cities having been given UNESCO World Heritage status. Founded in the 13th century on the banks of the Vistula river, over the years it has become a flourishing commercial centre yet evidence of its historical past survive to this day. Its unique character is due to its well‑preserved monuments; Gothic churches, Baroque granaries and charming townhouses. Many of which have stayed the same for centuries.

Torun is the birthplace of the great astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. During a visit to his family house (now a museum), you can experience his life and work, his family environment and the era that influenced him.

The city is a lively cultural centre where numerous festivals, exhibitions, concerts and artistic meetings take place. During festivals, concerts in the historic interiors of urban architecture play music from the Renaissance to more contemporary periods. Torun is also an important academic centre; Nicolaus Copernicus University with its 15 departments and some 40,000 students has been Poland’s leading university for over 40 years.

Alongside the magnificent cultural heritage, Torun is renowned for its highly developed broking market – and is called the hub of Polish brokers. The main Polish insurance brokers are based in Torun and according to latest statistics, Torun and the capital of Poland – Warsaw, generate the majority of premium income for insurers. A rich history of brokerage services in the city can be traced back to essential support from the university, where almost   25 years ago and in a revived free market economy, academic authorities in the field of insurance lawco‑created the insurance market. 

Torun is a place where the past meets the present and business works in harmony with culture. Its old town is full of charm and encourages everyone to follow the footsteps of its European heritage.

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