We’ve grown from a small insurance broker to a multinational group and a market leader in the risk management and insurance sector. Such growth however, cannot be achieved without our biggest asset; our global teams.

Our highly dedicated and motivated multidisciplinary teams comprise more than 600 employees from 10 nationalities - all who stand out for their knowledge, specialist skills, customer focus and commitment to clients’ success. No matter what the challenge, we’ll stay by their side.

We know outstanding customer service is achieved by a committed team of experts, and we recognise the central role that each member plays. 

This is why we constantly invest in each individual’s career progression and development, providing opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth. In recognition our  work is global, collaborative, varied and all-encompassing, we do everything to ensure every employee moves forward while being aware of the challenges of the group and the market.

At MDS, we have a desire to go ever further than others; we value the ability to innovate, challenge the norm and make a difference in managing risks in a constantly changing world.

We in turn, want to be challenged by professionals who are talented, proactive and keen to make a difference, and who see risks as an opportunity.

Take the challenge and come and join our team.
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