FERMA awards José Manuel Fonseca
FERMA awards José Manuel Fonseca
2018FERMA awards José Manuel Fonseca
José Manuel Dias da Fonseca, Global CEO at MDS, was honoured as Broker Leader of the Year in insurance brokerage by the Federation of European Risk Management Associations. 

This award comes as recognition for his work in advancing and energizing risk management. His name was put forward by renowned European specialists. This is the first time a Portuguese national receives such an award. 

New MDS Brasil CEO
New MDS Brasil CEO
2018New MDS Brasil CEO
Ariel Couto takes on the leadership of MDS Brasil as its CEO.
José Diogo Araújo e Silva is the new CFO of the MDS Group
José Diogo Araújo e Silva is the new CFO of the MDS Group
2018José Diogo Araújo e Silva is the new CFO of the MDS Group
A graduate of Portuguese Catholic University with cum laude honours, José Diogo de Araújo e Silva brings a remarkable track record in investment banking and risk capital at the international level, namely in the United Kingdom and the Iberian Peninsula. He has held positions in companies like BPI, Accenture, JP Morgan e Magnum Capital, accruing vast experience in mergers and acquisitions in Europe and as a company and investment manager. 

Now, José Diogo Araújo e Silva will take over the financial reins for the MDS Group, contributing to its growth and development.

José Manuel Fonseca takes on additional executive leadership role in Brazil
José Manuel Fonseca takes on additional executive leadership role in Brazil
2017José Manuel Fonseca takes on additional executive leadership role in Brazil

José Manuel Fonseca, MDS Group CEO, took on additional executive leadership role at MDS Brazil, replacing Hélio Novaes, who had served as CEO since 2010

MDS becomes Broker at Lloyd’s
LLoyd's Broker
2017MDS becomes Broker at Lloyd’s

MDS cements its place in thePortuguese market’s history by becoming the only Portuguese-speaking brokeramong 258 globally authorised to work with Lloyd’s of London.

Lloyd’s is thelargest specialised insurance market in the world, bringing together the mostrenowned professionals to manage emerging or complex risks. A clear indicatorof MDS’s global contribution to the insurance sector and recognition of itsreputation for excellence, service, efficiency, quality and innovation.


Coverholder status
2017Coverholder status

TheMDS Group, through its company Iberosegur, extends its expertise and range ofsolutions and becomes a coverholder for specialised insurance, including jewelleryand transportation.

FlexBen investment
2017FlexBen investment

MDSreinforces its reputation for innovation and leadership within the EmployeeBenefits area by purchasing 45% of tech company FlexBen, an expert in the fieldof flexible benefits.

New MDS Portugal CEO
New MDS Portugal CEO
2017New MDS Portugal CEO
Ricardo Pinto dos Santos takes on the leadership of MDS Portugal as its CEO.
Mozambique expansion
2016Mozambique expansion

MDS Africastrengthens its commitment to the African market by working with a localpartner to open for business in Mozambique.

New MDS Africa leader
João Alvadia
2016New MDS Africa leader

João Alvadia takes onthe leadership of MDS Africa, strengthening MDS’s growth strategy in thismarket.


Filhet-Allard investment
Filhet-Allard MDS
2016Filhet-Allard investment

MDS invests in Spainthrough a joint venture with Filhet-Allard, two brokers that are shareholders ofBrokerslink. Filhet-Allard MDS is now a strong Iberian player.


Brokerslink share offer
Brokerslink Board
2016Brokerslink share offer

Brokerslinkbecomes a Global Broking Company, offeringprivate investment opportunities to its members in the form of shares.

This evolutionof a firm, comprising 50 shareholders from 40 countries, illustrates itsdynamism and geographical reach and represents a milestone in the growth of acooperative broker network created by MDS in 2004.


MDS RE created
MDS RE created
2015MDS RE created

MDS RE is created, areinsurance broker operating in Portugal, Africa and Brazil. This is animportant step in the Group’s growth strategy, evidencing its continuouscommitment to specialised insurance and risk consulting services.

Phoenix launch
Phoenix launch
2015Phoenix launch

As a result of ongoinginvestment in innovation and technology, both in the people and tools they use,and a clear commitment to streamline management processes, MDS  developed Phoenix - a cloud-based system thatenables integrated management of the group’s customers, insurers and agents.


MDS 30th anniversary
MDS 30th anniversary
2014MDS 30th anniversary

MDS celebrates its30th anniversary by hosting an event in Porto that brings together theindustry’s renowned international experts.


CIAB board member
CIAB board member
2014CIAB board member

José Manuel Fonseca,CEO of MDS Group, is appointed to the Board of Directors of the Council ofInsurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB), the American association of insuranceagents and brokers.

New Herco Global leader
Jorge Luzzi
2013New Herco Global leader

Jorge Luzzi, one ofthe world’s leading experts in risk management, joins MDS Group, taking on theleadership of Herco Global.

With extensive experience in the area of riskmanagement, Jorge was group risk management director of Pirelli, chairman of theFederation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) and is currently chairmanof the Associação Portuguesa de Gestão de Riscos e Seguros (Portuguese RiskManagement and Insurance Association), Apogeris. 

MDS Portugal appointment
Mário Vinhas
2013MDS Portugal appointment

Mário Vinhas joinsMDS as deputy country manager. He is currently deputy executive director of MDSPortugal.

Angola expansion
2013Angola expansion

MDS begins operatingin Angola through a joint venture with a local investor.

Towers Watson Partnership
Towers Watson
2012Towers Watson Partnership

Towers Watson appointsMDS as broking and consulting services provider in the benefits area, combiningMDS’s extensive experience in employee benefits with that of pensions,healthcare and risk management. This partnership evidences MDS’s expertise andresponsiveness when asked to support a renowned global player. 

New Group COO
Jacqueline Legrand
2012New Group COO

Jacqueline Legrand,after more than a decade working for a large New York broker, joins MDS aschief operating officer. With extensive knowledge and international experience,Jacqueline is an example of MDS’s ability to attract top multi-skilled people witha global perspective. 

João Alvadia joins MDS
João Alvadia
2011João Alvadia joins MDS

João Alvadia joinsMDS.

MLearning rolled out
2011MLearning rolled out

MLearning is created,with the goal to develop and support insurance and risk management knowledge growth.The provision of training coupled with access to a wide range of material and aknowledge centre, enables MDS to capitalize on its experience, skills andimportant partnerships with international players, benefitting the market and customers.

Herco created
2011Herco created

In line with its focuson innovative risk management services and solutions, MDS creates Herco - aspecialist risk consulting and Enterprise Risk Management company.


Proximity Launch
2011Proximity Launch

MDS developsProximity, an online customer portal that enables people to manage theirinsurance portfolio anytime, anywhere. This confirms a commitment from MDS toconstantly innovate, demonstrates its technological knowledge and an ambitionto provide advanced solutions that meet customers’ needs. 

HighDome launch
2011HighDome launch

MDS launches insurerand reinsurer, HighDome, a captive Protected Cell Company (PCC), with aEuropean focus. MDS is the only Portuguese insurer with this model, underliningits strategy to provide innovative risk transfer tools, alternative to thetraditional insurance market.

Ricardo Pinto dos Santos joins MDS
Ricardo Pinto dos Santos
2010Ricardo Pinto dos Santos joins MDS
Ricardo Pinto dos Santos joins MDS Portugal.
MDS Partners launch
MDS Partners
2010MDS Partners launch

The wholesaleplatform MDS Partners is launched. 

MDS Auto created
MDS Auto
2010MDS Auto created

MDS acquires 50% ofCoral, formerly owned by Salvador Caetano Group, creating MDS Auto, the firstPortuguese broker focused exclusively on the automotive sector.

Acquisition of Quórum
Acquisition of Quórum
2010Acquisition of Quórum

Lazam-MDS acquires Quórum, whoseCEO, Hélio Novaes, takes over as leader at MDS Brazil.

Suzano Group investment
2009Suzano Group investment

Suzano Groupacquires 49.99% of MDS SGPS. Further confirmation of a strategy to increaseshareholdings.


First Brokerslink conference
2009First Brokerslink conference

Brokerslink’s firstGlobal Conference, held in Hong Kong and attended by numerous international industryexperts.


Fullcover 1
2009FULLCOVER launch

Launch of FULLCOVER, a creative project published bythe MDS team, sharing their extensive expertise and experience and carryingarticles from renowned international experts across many countries. Recognised asan important tool for sharing and building insurance and risk management knowledge.

MDS Brazil reinforces presence at the national level
MDS Brazil reinforces presence at the national level
2009MDS Brazil reinforces presence at the national level

InBrazil, acquisition of brokerage firms ADDmakler and Miral. With theseacquisitions MDS consolidates its national presence by doubling its size.

Seguros Continente created
Seguros Continente
2008Seguros Continente created

MDS is behind anotherinnovative Portuguese insurance sector project - the creation of SegurosContinente (Continente Insurance), a subsidiary of the Modelo ContinenteHipermercados brand.  Providingprotection solutions for private customers via digital and call centre channels,MDS is one of the first European brokers to sell insurance via a retail brand, confirmingits position as a Portuguese pioneer. This operation is still active.


Cooper Gay shareholding
Cooper Gay
2007Cooper Gay shareholding

MDS acquires32% of Cooper Gay (currently Ed Broking), a major London reinsurance broker,becoming its largest shareholder. This is the largest ever Portugueseinvestment in the international insurance industry. Undertaken by a broker, itunderlines MDS’s commitment to deliver a global service by accessing the mainmarkets and specialist knowledge.


Lisbon chairs FERMA meeting
2005Lisbon chairs FERMA meeting

Federation ofEuropean Risk Management Associations – FERMA - has its forum in Portugal. Thisis one of the largest risk management and insurance meetings in the world,representing an historic milestone for this sector in Portugal.

As president of thehosting association, Associação Portuguesa de Gestão de Riscos e Seguros  - APOGERIS - (Portuguese Risk Management and Insurance Association), José ManuelFonseca CEO of the MDS Group, was the event’s chairman.  He was vice-president and board member ofFERMA for several years. 

Unibroker acquisition
2005Unibroker acquisition

Acquisition ofUnibroker positions MDS as the country’s leader in its sector – something itstill holds today.


Brokerslink launch
2004Brokerslink launch

MDS takes the lead inthe creation of Brokerslink, a partnership between four brokers from different countries.Launched in Porto, this international network of insurance brokers has become arespected global player. 

Lisbon office opening
2004Lisbon office opening

MDS expands itsnational presence by acquiring a local broker and opening an office in Lisbon.

Purchase of the Integridade brokerage firm
Purchase of the Integridade brokerage firm
2004Purchase of the Integridade brokerage firm

Absorptionof Integridade, the brokerage firm, by MDS Brazil. With this acquisition,Jacques Goldenberg, one of the most widely respected professionals in thesector, joins the MDS group.

Pérouse investment
2003Pérouse investment

The investment in theFrench market is strengthened with investment in Pérouse, a prestigious broker from Lyon, giving rise to Pérouse-MDS.

Lazam acquisition
2002Lazam acquisition

MDS’s second internationalacquisition takes place with the purchase of 45% of the Brazilian Lazam, owned by the Suzano Group. MDS iscurrently among the largest brokers in the Brazilian market. 

FirstAssur acquisition
2001FirstAssur acquisition

MDS Group’s first acquisition in the European marketwith investment in the French Internet broker, FirstAssur.

This move - the first Portuguese investment in aforeign broker - is a clear sign of the Group’s innovative strategy to focus onspecific areas of expertise, create synergies with international players and enternew emerging markets. The acquisition signalled the beginning of a growth inrelationships with affinity businesses and has resulted in MDS now holding  a significant position in the domestic market. 

Sonae RE formation
Sonae Re
2000Sonae RE formation

Launch of MDS-managedSonae RE, a captive reinsurer and part of the Sonae Group with headquarters inLuxembourg.


MDS CEO appointment
José Manuel Fonseca
2000MDS CEO appointment

José Manuel Dias da Fonseca becomes CEO of MDS. His appointment reflectsa change in the company’s strategic direction, with a vision to become a global leaderin the insurance and risk management sector.


Risk consulting launch
MDS Building
1997Risk consulting launch

MDS expandsits activity, begins to operate outsideSonae Group and creates the first specialist risk consulting team.


MDS created
MDS created
1984MDS created
Sonae creates MDS to manage Sonae group’s insurance. 
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