Agora: A new relationship management platform

Brokerslink Marketplace:- Technical Information - Marketing Brochures - Commercial Presentations- Quote Forms 

Brokerslink launched an innovative technology solution designed to support its partners and affiliates around the world. 
Called Agora, it is a relationship management platform that also features the Brokerslink online Marketplace where partners & affiliates can access dedicated insurance products and services, HR and employee benefits, risk management software and the open market via TradEd. These dedicated products have been developed with strategic insurer partners, specialist brokers and risk and insurance services providers.
Agora will also host marketing collateral, training material and a global contact database which will support business development and marketing opportunities by enabling partners and affiliates to quickly access the specialist local knowledge of colleagues across the world and enable the network to easily collaborate on new business opportunities and market Brokerslink to its full potential.
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