Brokerslink Conference

The number and enthusiasm of the attendees clearly showed their commitment and support for the Brokerslink strategy.

Brokerslink Conference
The 2016 Brokerslink Global Conference was held in Amsterdam from 20-22 October. Hosted by one of our most committed partners – Léons – the event had a record attendance of almost 300 people; partners, sponsors and guests from 60 countries.

The number and enthusiasm of the attendees clearly showed their commitment and support for the Brokerslink strategy.
What started as a non-profit association, has now become a Global Broking Company managing a network of Brokers and Risk & Consultancy firms in 95 countries.

The Conference attracted renowned keynote speakers.

"Brokerslink is the partner of choice for mid-corporate companies because it perfectly combines local expertise with the huge power of a global network.”
Jean-Marc Pailhol
Head of Group Market Management and Distribution at, Allianz

Lloyd’s wants to work with brokers to solve the ‘huge’ innovation gap that exists within the insurance industry and fend off disrupters from the tech world.”
Inga Beale
Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd's

"We must take a step further to leverage cultural differences for maximum competitive advantage.” 
Fons Trompenaars
Founder and Director, Trompenaars Hampden‑Turner

"We are now a broker focused on wholesale, specialist and reinsurance broking and so no longer compete with our retail brokers clients.”
Andrew Wallin
Group Commercial Director, Ed.

"Insurance is everywhere yet invisible.”
"The insurance industry contributes immensely to the development of the world economy.”
Rob Brown
Global Chief Executive, AXA Corporate Solutions

"People are actually the biggest agents of change rather than the technology itself. The people who embrace and market the power of the new technology are the real innovators.”
Micha Schipper
Founder, COZ Innovation

"Brokers have a unique role to play in helping the insurance industry tackle the global insurance protection gap...”
Hanno Mijer
Zurich Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Life & Pensions Global Life

"Insurers have huge opportunities in the African insurance market, but they have to find imaginative solutions to mitigate different risks and make profits.”
Emmanuel Brule
Deputy CEO, Saham Finances

"Attending the Amsterdam conference gave us the opportunity to appreciate how much Brokerslink has grown and matured. The organisation, speakers and participants all contributed to the outstanding success of this international event. Brokerslink is a reality for the business world and Amsterdam bore witness to the fact. Congratulations.”
Esteban Sanchez
CEO, Artai

"It gets better every year; a wonderful experience in shared learning, and a great opportunity to strengthen relationships, with our many Brokerslink Partners.”
Ney Kindlon
Chairman, Kindlon

Attendees give us their feedback on the conference

"The Brokerslink Conference 2016 in Amsterdam was a great success and another milestone in the history of Brokerslink. The programme was very interesting and diverse, covering recent topics relevant for us insurance brokers to refine our knowledge in order to consult our clients even more effectively in all means.
The internationality of the whole event shows how all Brokerslink members come together and work as one. 
Once again, this event has shown us how well we complement each other and how we can, therefore, offer our clients the best possible consultation for around the globe.”
Edoardo Leusciatti
Account Executive and Member of Board of Directors, SRB Group

"Brokerslink is a great partnership of risk related firms to provide services all over the globe. The Amsterdam conference is a great example of a consolidation of this driving force.”
Juan Mario Acevedo
President, Correcol

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