MDS releases a book about risk

Collection of chronicles by Pedro Castro Caldas published in FULLCOVER.

Trivia – About the nature of things is a collection of chronicles by Pedro Castro Caldas that have been published in FULLCOVER since the very first issue. 

Trivia stands out for its unique character, a perspective of risk that is both historical and contemporary. Through his shrewd vision and insightful humour, the author leads his readers to reflect on all current issues in the insurance sector.

"This book is part of FULLCOVER EDITIONS, a new initiative by MDS that aims to promote knowledge and information across the insurance and risk sector in Portugal. The collection will continue with a compilation of texts from the other sections of FULLCOVER, including the interviews with the heads of the leading players in the insurance industry worldwide,” says MDS Executive Director Paula Rios.

Trivia is being published as a single bilingual edition, in Portuguese and English.

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