Alternative transfer solutions for traditional, emerging or hard to insure risks

As alternative risk transfer solutions, captives are increasingly sought after by companies. They’re designed to insure (fully or partially) certain types of risk that fall outside the scope of the traditional insurance market. 

Through HighDome, a Protected Cell Company (PCC) domiciled in Malta, we ensure access to these sophisticated solutions, for large companies and SMEs.

Whether the risks are traditional, emerging, or hard to insure, a captive is an innovative and efficient risk management solution, ensuring the total risk cost is maximised while the uncertainty associated with the insurance cost is minimised - stabilising the long-term insurance premium.

Protected Cell Companies are ideal for companies interested in developing their own (captive) risk transfer vehicle, with costs proportionate to their size.

Our specialist team provides a continuous advisory service throughout the cell’s creation and management, developing feasibility studies and implementing fronting, reinsurance and/or engineering programmes (loss prevention programme) solutions where necessary.

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