Insurance solutions for different aviation businesses

Technological advances, the appearance of unmanned aircraft and drones, terrorist attacks and geopolitical instability increase the challenges faced by the aviation industry.

From ground operations to air operations, the aviation sector is a complex universe which involves many parties. Guaranteeing the safety of operations and people is crucial. One small lapse can result in major damage, legal repercussions, high costs and a ruined reputation.

At MDS, we analyse your risk profile to personalise insurance solutions that cover the risks you are exposed to. We assess and define mechanisms to mitigate your risks through comprehensive insurance plans covering liabilities, material damages and equipment breakdowns

We design tailor-made solutions for the various aviation sector players, from airlines and private aircraft to manufacturers and maintenance companies.

Because the settlement of an aviation accident can be a long, drawn-out process, with serious repercussions in terms of costs, we protect and support you in the case of an accident, mitigating the financial impact of the loss.

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