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Technological advances and the dominance of a digital world have transformed everyday life and corporate business, optimising management, boosting communication and simplifying processes. They have also however, created a strong dependence on computer systems and technology, making organisations more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

All organisations, regardless of size or area of operation, must consider their virtual exposure. Cyber risk is sometimes considered a problem only for large brands, banks or retail companies, but the truth is, we are all targets. 

Cyber risk is a growing threat with multiple origins. In addition to system weaknesses targeted by hacking, employees also misuse systems and networks. In an interconnected world, an attack doesn’t only affect the targeted company, it can also threaten the security and integrity of employees, partners, customers or suppliers’ data.

Cyber risk goes far beyond the technological consequences; its repercussions can be far reaching. It can paralyse a company’s activity, impact industry production and affect supply chains. Repercussions may include a loss of assets and confidential information, business interruption, financial loss, breach of confidentiality and significant damage to people, property and your reputation

Have you considered the impact on your company if confidential information was stolen? Responding effectively, systematically and quickly in the event of such an incident is crucial. 

Traditional insurance policies are  limited in their cyber risk cover; specific cyber policies however cover forensic investigation costs, business interruption, data loss, cyber extortion, costs of data breach notification and liabilities stemming from the security breach that took place. 

At MDS we evaluate your cyber vulnerabilities and build solutions tailored to your needs and risks, helping you recover quickly in case of attack. In the event of an attack, having mechanisms that ensure a quick response is crucial.
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