A Passion for Compassion

"When thinking of insurance, the layman may imagine a confusing world of numbers, charts, and figures that makes their head spin. The reality of insurance is that it's the perfect place for intellectual thrill-seekers to feed their need for innovation, creativity, and change, but also to leave a positive mark on society."
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Dialogar para Navegar

"Subir até o 11º andar do prédio na Alameda Barão de Piracicaba, número 618, no Centro de São Paulo, foi como entrar em uma estranha máquina do tempo. A viagem me levou ao antigo edifício da Pirelli, exatamente o mesmo endereço onde trabalhei nos anos de 1990."
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Igniting change

"Having known and admired Pierre Sonigo for over two decades, the opportunity to spend time talking about his life, loves and commitment to a profession we have both given many years of our lives to was one not to be missed."
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Crystal clear

"Walking through downtown Manhattan after meeting James “Jim” W. Crystal, myeyes are drawn to the legends engraved on the stone porticos of some of thehistoric and municipal buildings along the route and it got me thinking aboutour conversation. Now, it’s not that what he had to say belongs to a differenttime but that his insights and views are worthy of being shared with those whopass these buildings every day."
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Des Racines et des ailes | Family Roots and High Flying

More than a century separates this interview with Franck Allard, current Chairman of the Directoire de Filhet-Allard from the 1895 beginnings of his greatgrandfather, Josse Charles Allard.In the 19th century, his forebear was a maritime insurance broker and ministerial officer, covering ship hulls and cargo for ships that crossed the oceans, bound for the Antilles and the French colonies from a home base in Bordeaux. At the time, insuring vessels was so fraught with risk and hazard that they called the business “The Great Adventure”.
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