Company leaders often combine successful business careers with very rich personal experiences.

These men and women have gathered invaluable insight and wisdom throughout their lives that has helped to shape them as the leaders they are today. These experiences can be a real inspiration to us all. 

In our first 'Faces of Insurance', Ralph Mucerino, AIG President of Distribution Partners and Major Clients for Personal Insurance, talks to Ernest Legrand about his "passion for compassion.” Ralph shines a light
on some of the most important moments of his life, the lessons learned over the years and the human factor he has always tried to bring to his business decisions.
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Brokerslink Founder and Board Member

José Manuel Dias da Fonseca

As a mutual friend once said, Ralph is a true titan of the insurance market.I first met him in November 2005. He made such a strong impression on me that he immediately became an inspiration and my admiration for him extended to his company, AIG.He conveys a quiet strength, always looks on the bright side, always looks for a solution. Ralph matches vast knowledge with experience and an abundance of humanity.Truthful, straightforward and fair, Ralph is devoted to knowledge, not only technical but also human and social, which he generously shares with colleagues and friends of all ages.He is an inspired thinker in our world, our lives and, of course, our chosen profession.A role model to us all.

Crystal & Company Chairman & CEO

James W. Crystal

Ralph Mucerino is one of the true professionals of the insurance industry. He is unique in his capability of blending corporate and personal relationships together so that everyone who deals with Ralph receives equality and 100% of his time and effort.I first met Ralph many years ago in Tokyo and we have since developed both a business and personal friendship that has stood the test of several locations and many different positions within both our lives. His friendship and loyalty and his ability to help, cuts through all of the roadblocks that are put in his way so that everybody benefits from his council, his wisdom, his drive and his passion for the success of all concerned.Nobody could have a better friend than Ralph and obviously Peggy and his daughters are true supporters of what he has accomplished. The fact that he has created successfully, all these various capabilities no matter where he is geographically or where his positions take him, is a true tribute to his inner strength.

AIG CEO North America General Insurance

Alexander Baugh

Ralph impressed me in many ways and I have been privileged to be able to learn many things from him. The one which stands out the most is the example he sets around customer focus/responsiveness. There are many tasks we take on as leaders of large businesses but Ralph always walks the talk in prioritizing the solution of customer issues. When working overseas, I always knew I could count on Ralph to run the gauntlet in NY to get an answer for a customer. Whether the answer was yes or no, and as you know Ralph can be quite direct, we got the issue answered.

Liberty Mutual President Latin America

Alexander Montoya

Watching Ralph work taught me about truly loving what I do. His passion for insurance, and his assertiveness at every meeting, are simply energizing. His versatility in different roles was an example to all of us walking our own career paths. Thanks to his mentorship dozens of insurance professionals learned about dreaming big, planning properly and going for it! Thank you, Ralph.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group Non-Executive Director

Nicholas Walsh

Ralph Mucerino and I worked together in Paris and New York for about 25 years out of the nearly 4 decades he has served AIG. Most of that time was spent with the international powerhouse of insurance, American International Underwriters (AIU). Ralph was the strategic driver and vigorous implementor behind the reorganization of AIG's Paris-based European insurance company.He fulfilled key roles at the most senior levels helping AIU achieve multi-billion dollar earnings and then latterly guiding AIU through its merger with AIG's domestic property casualty insurance company.Living in Tokyo and Paris, Ralph developed enormous skill in adapting himself to local culture and customs; although quintessentially and proudly American, he has the ability to make people comfortable and relaxed in his company.Regardless of the pressures on him personally, he always had time to help a colleague, guide a new recruit or make an introduction. Aside from running major businesses he recognized the need to network, negotiate and nurture relationship with customers and clients and, of course, the brokers and agents who deliver so much to AIG. He dealt with the tough side of being a leader in a courteous and compassionate way.No one has the ability to achieve what Ralph has done without the support of a strong and loving family. Peggy is a tower of strength ever by his side and his daughters Meghan and Kaitlyn give him the reason to continue to be successful personally as well as professionally. He is a wonderful friend.

Aon Risk Solutions CEO

Warren J. Mula

Ralph has built an impressive career based on the core principles of trust, integrity, and a deep knowledge of the industry and global marketplace.Along the way, he has developed deep friendships that I am incredibly proud and pleased to be included among. Ralph stands out as a complete professional and someone who represents the very best characteristics of our great industry.

Marsh President and CEO

John Doyle

I have known Ralph Mucerino for many years as a colleague and friend. He is a valued leader in our industry known for the strength of his client relationships and deep international experience,but also the depth of his character. I particularly remember his contributions to AIG as a bridge between the Foreign General and U.S. businesses. I have always appreciated his advice and spirited personality.

AIG Latin American Region Former President and CEO

Hamilton Silva

Ralph is an incredible professional and excellent human being that I had the privilege to work with for several years, beginning in the early 80's.He has always been very passionate about the business and knew how to find the proper balance in the management matrix system between Country-Regional Management vs Line-Product Management. He appreciated the work in the field, understood the challenges and opportunities and was always ready to extend his full support to maximize the returns for the organization. He is a good listener and excellent coach!

WBN Chairman Emeritus with Francie Starnes WBN CEO

Bruce Basso

Ralph has a very strong reputation of supporting his business partners within the brokerage industry, and a clear understanding of the relationship that exists between AIG and the Independent Agent/Brokerage Distribution system. Ralph is an industry visionary, has an open-door policy, is a good listener, and is always supportive of those whose history has proven to be mutually beneficial. He is fair, honest and knowledgeable in his assessments of an opportunity, always striving to give it the support needed to be successful.

Assurex Global President & CEO

Jim Hackbarth

I have had the privilege of working with Ralph Mucerino for the past 10 years. During these many years Ralph has been a strong and effective advocate of Assurex Global and the privately-owned independent agencies that comprise our partnership on 6 continents. While it is naturally challenging to forge close and longstanding relationships with senior executives at large multinational insurance carriers, Ralph has always remained highly available to listen to and respond to the needs of our partner firms. On numerous occasions Ralph offered his strong influence to either assist me directly or introduce me to others within AIG who could. No request was too small and I always knew I could rely on Ralph's insights and guidance to secure the best possible outcome.

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