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MDS in CIAB Insurance Leadership Forum

MDS in CIAB Insurance Leadership Forum
MDS participated in the CIAB Insurance Leadership Forum, held in Colorado Springs, USA, from 7 to 11 October. 

Jacqueline Legrand, COO of MDS Group, took part in an international working group with 60 senior global broking executives, exchanging ideas with global risk managers on the importance of the broker’s role in supporting the development of global insurance programmes in line with risk management strategies, local insurance regulations and the regulatory framework of their industries. 

"We acknowledge one solution does not fit all, and that communication between global risk managers, brokers and local operations is of great importance to ensure alignment and an understanding of local issues that need to be addressed,” she comments. 

Recent evolutions in Insurtech and the importance of using data to support operations were also discussed. "The data itself has no value if it is not used to add value and knowledge to our customers. We all agree that communication and trust are two key principles for the sector,” she concludes.
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